Important Information about 9-1-1

When should I call 911?

When should I call the non-emergency number?

What is "enhanced" or E911?

If you have my address and phone number why do you ask me for it?

Why do you ask so many questions when I call 911?

Why do I have to stay on the phone?

What happens when I call 911 from my cell phone?

Should I program 911 into my phone's speed dial?

What happens if I call 911 accidentally?

Can I test 911?

Can I send a text message to 911?

Can I still call 911 if I have a VoIP phone?

Can I call 911 using a TTY?

Should I call 911 to report my power is out?

The police or fire department was just at my neighbor's house, can I call 911 to find out what happened?

What should I tell my child about calling 911?

Tornado sirens are going off, can I call 911 to get an update on the tornado?